Family businesses need harmony to thrive. What I really value most is guiding the dynamics of family business owners with their families. It’s extremely gratifying helping them ensure that their financial status is prosperous, and that their family psychological interaction is healthy.

Therefore, my guidance goes beyond just the financial. I focus on the owners interaction with their business management and employees, and their family members, both inside and outside the business. I like providing guidance on how to keep their relationships happy and healthy.

Furthermore, it’s not just about helping provide solutions to the family business owner’s concerns, but also being able to proactively provide proper planning and strategies for achieving their financial security and personal happiness. I feel gratified helping them have a better life with guidance than they would have had without it. As a former owner of a highly acclaimed family-owned wealth management firm, I practiced what I professionally preach.

As guide for family business owners, I’m an avid researcher regarding family business planning, I stay current with regulations and trends affecting family business specifically. I have overcome first-hand the challenges and opportunities that many family business owners experience. I can “talk the talk” because I have “walked the walk”. My first-hand knowledge allowed me to reap the rewards of my previous family business ownership.

Less than 2% of family business owners have a viable business (they merely own a job). Additionally, a whopping 99% of all family businesses will never get beyond the founder. This is because the owners are too focused on managing the day-to-day operations of the business. This leaves little time to plan how to increase the value and transferability of their business.

Creating a family business that’s harmonious and can thrive without you is vital to building a more valuable and transferable business; a business value that can provide perpetual income, regardless of whether you choose to work or not.

Would you like to learn how to build the value, transferability and harmony of your family business so that it provides perpetual income and freedom for you and your loved ones to do whatever, whenever, wherever?