To begin, realize that there’s a difference between being rich and being enriched.

Being rich is having abundant valuable material “things”, such as houses, cars, jewels, etc, that money can buy.

Being enriched is having a life that’s meaningful, substantial, and rewarding, that money can’t buy.

Having an enriched life is a noteworthy achievement. It’s more than having lots of money. It is about adding greater value and significance to your life.

This means you can be rich, but not enriched. Or, you can be enriched,  but not rich.

So, why not take time before you have no time left to learn how to be both rich and enriched.

What does enjoying a fully enriched life mean to you?

Self-worth? Security? Comfort? Freedom? Happiness? Significance? Power? Motivation? Inspiration? Respected? Love? Connection? Accomplishment? New Stimuli? Variety? Contribution? Helping Others? Independence? Learning? Growth? Legacy?

Have you really even thought about what having an enriched life means to you?

As part of the self-discovery process described in my book The Quiet Millionaire, I ask the reader to think carefully about this:

  • If you had all the money you needed now and in the future, what would you be doing differently from what you are doing today?
  • If you knew that you had only a few years to live, what specifically would you change about your life now?
  • If you had complete freedom to decide, what unfulfilled dreams would you pursue, and which people would you choose to enrich your life?
  • If you had to refocus your life in order to pursue your unfulfilled dreams, what meaningless activities that waste your time would you eliminate, and what people who you do not enjoy would you avoid?

By taking the time to answer these questions, you’ll discover who is the real you, and what you really want out of life.

As a family business owner you should strive to enrich your personal life beyond the business, even if you love your business. Regretfully, I personally didn’t heed to this until certain life experiences and unexpected mortality events involving peers and friends influenced me to truly internalize that “tomorrow isn’t promised”.

Don’t let precious time escape! To achieve total life enrichment, I realized that I needed to proactively and informatively pursue it.

So, I decided to establish and implement a systematic, comprehensive program using The Value Builder System™ as a guide for me as a first generation family business owner to accomplish the following:

  1. Specifically, define and plan an enriched life for me and my family beyond my business.
  2. Build my business to produce maximum value for eventual transfer/sale and financial freedom.

I started by getting my Value Builder Score.