Welcome! I’m Brett Wilder, founder of Family Business Guidance Group. Previously, I was a first generation family business owner, and know first-hand the unique opportunities and challenges first generation family business owners encounter, which the family component makes different from those of other business owners. I sold and exited the business five years ago to now enjoy a life of true freedom.

Today, I work exclusively to guide other first generation family business owners how to create plans and implement strategies that can build value, improve transferability, and create harmonious continuity for their business. This is all I do. I have no other business agenda

As a trusted center of influence, might you by chance be looking for additional tools and resources, which can add value to either your existing or prospective first generation family business owner client relationships?

During my journey as a first generation family business owner, I utilized the Value Builder System™ to systematically build the value of my business and achieve harmonious continuity for a successful exit.

I suggest that knowing about the Value Builder System™ may be of interest to first generation family business owners you already have as clients or would like to possibly attract as clients.


While guiding the first generation family business owners, I value and respect the services being provided by their existing trusted advisors. My intention is to help you make your existing and prospective client relationships even more valued and appreciated.

Because I understand that each of your family business client relationships is unique, I appreciate and respect that the manner to partner with me may vary as well. Therefore, I work with advisors in two ways:

Working Together: I work in tandem one-on-one with you and your family business owner clients to understand their specific needs and goals for business value building and continuity, and offer coordinated  guidance for a successful outcome moving forward. I’m also available as a guest speaker for any virtual workshops or webinars you might want to offer your existing or prospective family business clients.

Direct Referral: I work independently with your family business owner clients to focus on achieving their needs and goals for value building and continuity, and enable you to focus your time doing what you do best. However, I would keep you updated with status reports.

For more about the Family Business Guidance Group and the beneficial tools and resources we provide first- generation family business owners, please review the information on this website. Also, feel free to contact me dirctly for a confidential, no-obligation conversation. I’d be delighted to help.

Brett Wilder