What people are saying about The Quiet Millionaire

“Tackling complex topics in plain terms, The Quiet Millionaire is thoroughly accessible to readers of all financial backgrounds and highly recommended.”
—Midwest Book Review

“This book contains many valuable insights, and Wilder does an excellent job of facilitating a more informed advisor-client relationship. Advisors would do well to introduce clients to the complexities involved with financial planning by presenting them with this book.”
—NAPFA Advisor, The Journal of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

“The Quiet Millionaire may not make any best-seller lists, but I’ll bet it makes some of its readers rich.” —J.D. Roth, GetRichSlowly.com

“If you’re truly serious about developing an understandable and comprehensive financial vision for the future, The Quiet Millionaire by Brett Wilder is the right book for you. The author literally guides you step-by-step through how to develop a million dollar financial future. When you finish, you’ll have a powerful and workable plan for becoming and remaining The Quiet Millionaire.”—Sharon Michaels, Author

“Wilder offers sage advice about loans, college funding and retirement income calculations; his retirement cash flow analysis is a dandy. This book is obviously a labor of love.”—Life Insurance Selling magazine

“If you could buy only one book that would comprehensively cover everything you need to know about managing your personal finances, get The Quiet Millionaire by Brett Wilder. Take your time, read it slowly, make copious notes, in the margins, and discuss Brett’s suggestions with family, colleagues, and friends.”—Bill Bailey, J.D., Ph.D.

“The Quiet Millionaire is loaded with valuable strategies for maintaining and growing weal throughout one’s life.”—CPA Wealth Provider

“The Quiet Millionaire contains useful information for both the novice and experienced investor who are motivated to achieve their investment and comprehensive lifetime financial planning goals. I recommend this book to anyone who is in the process of searching for a financial advisor and as well to someone who wants to confirm the value of their existing advisory relationship.”–Sue Morrissey, Associate Professor Emeritus, Indiana School of Nursing

“The Quiet Millionaire dissects the complexity of wealth Management in easy to understand , layman terminology. What makes this financial advisory book unique is that the reader first learns how to define their true life values and goals before creating their financial plan. This ensures a successful navigation through the various stages of wealth management with conviction and commitment.”—Jan Kesselring, Retired School Superintendent

“The Quiet Millionaire is a refreshing and realistic look at why money often manages people. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Brett Wilder does a masterful job of explaining how to take control of life’s major financial challenges and then provides you the strategies to do so. I will recommend this book to all of my clients and use it myself. It is a great example of the old adage `The will to win is important, but the will to prepare is vital.’
—Kenneth D. Jameson, Estate Planning Attorney (twenty-eight years)

“As long-time clients, my husband and I have followed Brett Wilder’s guidance and wise advice as explained in The Quiet Millionaire. Today, we enjoy a very comfortable, worry-free retirement lifestyle in a desirable location, travel extensively, and pursue long anticipated personal interests. I plan to share this book with family and friends so that they might also achieve their lifetime goals and have financial peace of mind”.
—Orinda Tims, Retired Marketing Executive, Fortune 500 Company

“This book is a high quality piece of writing! As I read The Quiet Millionaire, I couldn’t help but think that despite my financial success how much further ahead I would have been if I had the benefit of its information years ago. I recommend this book to every young family who has serious aspirations for financial independence and retiring with certainty about never becoming a burden to anyone.”
—William L. Pratt, Retired Vice President, Manufacturing and Operations, Cintas Corporation

“If you’re serious about building and keeping your wealth, The Quiet Millionaire teaches a comprehensive approach that anyone can understand and practice safely and effectively. It’s an intelligent alternative to the `get-rich-quick secrets’ hype so prevalent in today’s financial advice books.”
—Robert J. Morff, PhD, Biomedical Research Scientist

“The Quiet Millionaire is a compelling and insightful guide for how to build personal wealth. In today’s society where everyone is concerned about appearing well-off, this book is for anyone who is seriously determined to become truly affluent. Brett Wilder has succeeded in identifying the strategies required for accumulating and maintaining wealth. The remarkable conclusion is that anyone with determination and discipline can employ these strategies and become a quiet millionaire.”—Philip L. Foster, Chief Operating Officer, Alternative Insurance Management Services, Inc.

“I’m a regular middle class guy with just enough financial knowledge to get myself in a heap of trouble without books like this. Like most people, I don’t know what I don’t know, and Quiet Millionaire filled me in some key things I was unaware of about accumulating and protecting wealth. Like seeking a fee-only financial adviser to avoid being sold any unnecessary products. And the website provided in the book to help you find fee-only advisers in your area saved me a load of time tracking down some reputable firms. We’re nearly debt-free now and on the road to rapid savings and this book, along with the advice and roadmap we’ll get from whichever adviser we retain, will enable us to follow a plan to success. Great text, easy to jump chapters if you’re seeking specific information, and well written. Highly recommend it.”—Ryan C Weber, Amazon Review (previous edition)

“If I had had this book 20 years ago, I would be in much better shape financially today having avoided foolish and ill-advised forays into questionable investments. It is not a book that explains how to buy and sell stocks and bonds or the characterization of wealthy people and their lifestyles. This is a book that explains the how and what of acquiring wealth. The Quiet Millionaire not only describes a solid financial philosophy for investment, it is also a guide thru the heady issues associated with college financial planning, business ownership, insurance, ESOP and Retirement planning. I plan to share this book with family and friends so they too may achieve their goals for financial independence and security and I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about acquiring and preserving wealth.”—Sky, Amazon Review (previous edition)

“This book will help many young people but since it takes TIME and DISCIPLINE to amass a fortune for most people the younger you are the better. He talks about other issues for any age: insurance, social security, Medicare, taxes, and other items. It is a great overview of looking at the pitfalls and errors you might make and how to grasp control going forward–at most ages.”—Donna L. Sako, Amazon Review (previous edition)

“I have read many of this type of book before but this puts everything together cleanly and its very readable. I recommend it if you want to change your paradigms about wealth and the wealthy and how to interact with your money.”—R. G. Twombly, Amazon Review (previous edition)

“Good Book!”—Trevor Miller, Amazon Review (previous edition)

“This book basically explains every aspect of financial planning from birth to death.”—Matt G., Amazon Review (previous edition)

“Well Written. Blueprint for financial success the right way. No gimmicks. Back to the basics as it should be with all available options layed out for you. Author guides you thru different types of investments and makes you think about which ones are best for you. It helped me reflect about my life and family from a financial standpoint. Important things that I can do in my life now to prepare for the future. Easy to read. Great for young or old. I highly recommend this to my family and friends.”—Dave I, Amazon Review (previous edition)

“I am retired. I say this first because the book isn’t good ONLY for people who are trying to accumulate enough to retire, it is also great for helping someone who is retired. The Quiet Millionaire has helped me to manage effectively what I spend, and reduce the amount I am taking out of my portfolio. It is easy to find exactly the advice you want, and easy to fill out the questionaires to form a plan. The only hard part is making myself follow my plan. However, when I think of the results I’ve had, it surely is worth it! There is advice in there that I Really WISH we’d had when we were younger. I hope that others take and use that advice while they CAN still accumulate wealth!”—J. Pratt, Amazon Review (previous edition)

“I had received this book as a gift and had put off reading it. I was heading out on a girls weekend and knew I would have some downtime on the plane. So I threw this book in my bag. I loved it! Whether you need information on college planning, retirement, how to buy a house, small business info, tax avoidance–this book has it all! There is even a great chart detailing college expenses. As the mom of four school aged kids, after reading this book, I sat the kids down and showed them a chart detailing how much their college education was going to cost our family. I told them that it was their job to always do their best in school and how important getting good grades and test scores is to the overall cost. Time will tell how that talk sunk in!! I would recommend this book as an easy book to read/skim through. I think it is good to keep as a reference book!”—Cynthia A B, Amazon Review (previous edition)

“This is a book that is good whether you are just starting to get your finances together, or if you’ve already started working toward financial independence. It is easy to read, and set up so you can easily find a specific topic (eg college planning). This is a helpful book whether you are in college, or planning for your kids college….whether you have young kids, or your kids grew up long ago (or anywhere on the continuum!). Many financial books are overwhelming and difficult to read. The Quiet Millionaire gives good examples and stories to make it easy and interesting to read. It will help motivate you to get (or keep!) your financial life in order.”—Lisa S, Amazon Review (previous edition)

“The Quiet Millionaire is a book for everyone. Several of my friends have also read and learned from this well written guide on building personal wealth. As a single mother and a small business owner, the fundamental rules spelled out in this comprehensive outline have been invaluable. Brett Wilder is clearly dedicated to sharing his knowledge and insight. He takes you through a step by step, reader-friendly passage providing tools and strategies to assist you in creating, managing and keeping your wealth. The author’s passion for teaching is evident as he shares bits of gold from his many years of experience in this field.”—D.B. Duke, Amazon Review (previous edition)

 “This book is of great value for everyone. I wish I had read it when I was just starting out my career and have recommended it to my sons and my friends and clients. It is clear, detailed enough, and very practical. I highly recommend it.”—mary lynn griswold, Amazon Review (previous edition)

“If you are working to secure your personal and/or family’s financial future, The Quiet Millionaire by Brett Wilder is a must have. We consider it our “go to” financial encyclopedia for every possible area of wealth management and long-term financial planning. If you have questions about cash flow, assets, your investments, how to plan for the future, etc. it’s here in an easy-to-find format. Mr. Wilder has shared what he has learned from years of successful practical experience. This book was written with the client in mind and is a great resource and investment planning tool.”—P.Long, Amazon Review (previous edition)

“I checked this book out of the library, and liked it so much I decided to go to Amazon.com and buy a copy to keep. As a single mom who is looking to understand finances for myself so I can plan for retirement within 15 years and get back on my feet financially, I found this book solid, but very readable. I want to understand the system of financial planning, retirement, and financial management for myself, and I feel I have learned to really understand some things I have always felt were over my head. I was especially interested in his information on the difference between tax preparation and tax planning, as well as the strengths and shortcomings of different kinds of insurance and retirement accounts. He does a good job of explaining why some of the common myths about investing are really not the best way to go. This is not a simple skim and go upbeat book about “quick fix” or “trust my formula” investment. It’s a clear, readable explanation of an array of vehicles for financial planning that sets out to help you understand them so you can plan for yourself, or know what to look for in a financial planner. Don’t be put off by the word “millionaire” in the title, you don’t have to be rich to find this book useful. It’s more about “quiet” – the steady, informed, reliable way of building wealth. For example, the section on investing explains diversifying not from the fear something may go down, but based on the understanding that various will instruments go up or down, and you set up your plan with that in mind, so you will always have some “with their time in the sun.” I recommend this if you aren’t just looking for a “get rich formula,” but rather want to really understand how good financial planners work, and what is possible for real people.”—DS, Amazon Review (previous edition) 

“It’s an easy book to pick up and return to from time to time and probably couldn’t be digested in a beginning-to-end read anyhow. Recommendations aren’t preachy nor are they unrealistic. You won’t be disappointed with The Quiet Millionaire.”—John Eckberg, Amazon Review (previous edition)

“The Quiet Millionaire by Brett Wilder is an education in itself. People go to college for Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral degrees which gives them the tools on how to make money. As far as I know there isn’t a school in the country that teaches you how to manage this money so you can grow your wealth. This book fills that void. When you first start working you may want to buy a house. get married and raise a family. These are very nice goals but without a plan to maximize the growth potential for your dollars your life could become more stressful than you would like. There are taxes to pay and Brett shows you how to keep more dollars for yourself; there may be children to send to college and Brett tells you the various ways to save for this and the pitfalls to avoid; there is costly health care and Brett tells you how to manage it. We all want to retire someday and live a very comfortable life while doing the things we’ve dreamed of. The way to achieve this successful retirement is all explained in great detail throughout many chapters in the book. I think: Every college graduate should read this book so they will be on the road to financial success at the very beginning of their career. Every athlete who gets a contract to play ball should read this book so they can increase their wealth intelligently and not get sucked into a get rich quick scheme and lose their fortune. Every entrepreneur needs Bretts’ wisdom on what to do and cover when running their own business. Everyone who has already accumulated wealth and wants to have it continue to grow in a predictable manner needs to read this book. I wish everyone all the best in their financial future and feel all of you who read The Quiet Millionaire will have a leg up on everyone else.”—John Fabian, Amazon Review (previous edition)

“As a client who found Brett Wilder’s advice to be just what we were searching for; “The Quiet Millionaire” expands practical financial management with proactive wealth accumulation. Mr. Wilder’s book addresses age specific intellectual and emotional aspects of wealth development and espouses solid advice with a “win by not losing” philosophy which has fit well with my wife and my goals. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking insure their financial security in retirement.”—Ronald Theobald, Amazon review (previous edition)

“This is probably one of the best books I’ve ever read on personal finance, investing and just understanding the overall industry. I now understand why I need to do certain things and when. The advice is sound, easy to understand and I have personally found to be extremely successful. I will recommend this book to my business partners, family and friends. The college funding section was so eye opening, even though my children are past this need, I wish I would have read when they were younger it would have changed my planning. The retirement section was amazing and has changed my families life. Thank you, Thank you…a great resource and life changing book.”—Rene Steinkamp, Amazon Review (previous edition)