The Overlooked Owner eBook

Are you an overlooked family business owner? In a study of 1,511 companies, we found one factor commonly omitted when assessing the value of a family business – the owner.

Our research suggests that the owner’s reasons for exit and the steps they take to prepare can play a significant role in the value of a business. If you’re overlooked, you might not achieve the freedom lifestyle you dream of.

Find out how your value to the business as owner can be maximized and not be overlooked by reading this informative free resource ebook, The Overlooked Owner.

You’ll discover:

  • 3 common reasons for business owner exit and how each affects business value.

  • What 4 areas in the preparation process can lead to a 36% increase in business value.

  • Proactive steps they can take annually to ensure they are helping, not hurting their company’s value.

Don’t be overlooked! Get your free eBook now.